the ethnographic object - a subject of decolonial making
This work explores the diaspora of objects.  My starting point is the 'traditional' domestic coiled terracotta pot, burnished, low fired and communally made by women in West Africa. Pots travelled to colonial museums where they were decontextualised and classified as ethnographic objects to highlight otherness.
Drawing on craft and historical narratives, my intention has been to disrupt and activate form and surface, as a means of storytelling and embodied practice. The work sits alongside wider socio-political narratives and decolonial discourse which I have brought together through making.  
We are in the middle of the sea...Crazy in space  
height 50cm diameter 59cm

what the waves left behind
height 28cm diameter 41cm
sun warms his shoulder
height 43cm diameter27cm

Where is your son? What is your home?
height 58cm diameter 42cm
Two insane embrace
height 63cm diameter 64cm
what sweet harmony the breeze brings me
height 56cm diameter 69cm